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Limerick City and County Council has procured Murphy Geospatial Limited to carry out a topographical survey for the N/M20 Cork to Limerick Project. These surveys are required to collect topographical and hydrographical information that will inform the design and development of the Preferred Transport Solution for the Project. This topographical survey will be undertaken generally within the study area within Cork and Limerick and outside of the study area for part of the water course survey to assist with the hydrological modelling.

Part of this topographical survey will be surveyed using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or Drones). In accordance with Limerick City and County Council’s Drone Policy ( the following information is provided to the public.

Name of Data Controller: Limerick City and County Council

Name of Drone Operator: Murphy Geospatial Limited

Dates, times and locations of drone activity: Weekdays, 8am to 6pm, 14/03/2024 to 15/04/2024 within N/M20 Cork to Limerick study area (refer for map of study area).

Purpose: To carry out aerial survey for the N/M20 Cork to Limerick Project. No personal data will be captured or processed during the aerial survey with the drone flying at approximately 100m elevation.

Contact Details for enquiries:

Murphy Geospatial Limited: (045) 484040,,

Limerick City and County Council N/M20 Cork to Limerick Project Office: (061) 973730,,